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SRM Energy

Providing reliable, sustainable and efficient energy solutions

Our expert team are committed to delivering high quality energy services and renewable energy installations. Our services include: Solar PV | Wind turbines | Biomass | LED | Heat pumps | Solar thermal

With rising energy prices and significant Government incentives on offer, it is essential to consider how you can benefit from improved energy efficiency and renewable technology.

Our multifaceted team works across a wide range of energy technologies to deliver innovative and robust energy projects. See our case studies


GBV Engineering Ltd - Commercial 30 kWp PV Array

The ideal orientation and pitch of the roof at GBV Engineering makes the premises highly suited to the installation of solar PV...

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - Domestic 3.9 kWp PV

SunPower 327W panels are excellent, high output modules, with superb efficiency. The all black, sleek design is backed up by great performance...

Vickers Laboratories Ltd - Commercial 100 kWp PV Array

Vickers Laboratories Ltd use a significant amount of electricity during daylight hours and therefore, the solar PV system will make a significant contribution to reducing annual electricity bills...

Target Components Ltd - Commercial 50 kWp PV Array

Our PV installation will provide Target Components Ltd with a guaranteed, index linked income stream for 20 years...